Cavendish University offers Home for International Students

Cavendish University offers Home for International Students

Due to its performance in the academic atmosphere, the institute has become famous in the African continent and the world at large.

This has become a harbor for students who are miles away from home. The University organises events that brings together both national and international students.

Get together parties promotes unity and strengthens the relationships between the foreign students and the national students

A party funded fully by Sarah Natukunda a patriot and third year student at Cavendish University Uganda majoring in a bachelor’s degree of information technology on 14th of November.

Different foreigners studying in Uganda, Cavendish University in particular talk about Uganda’s hospitality offered The neighboring country of Uganda in the north is Sudan, majority from this nation have highly engaged in acquiring Uganda’s education.

Makok a south Sudanese who has spent over five years in Uganda says, “From my point of view hospitality about foreigners especially we the students who are not working class should be looked into by the shop keepers who some times tend to rise prices of commodities as they see strange people trying to find basic needs from their shops. Some of the shop keepers take advantage of us and we end up getting exploited. However much it is a business, yes we understand but sometimes we really feel the maximum weights and burdens for this but trust me some are really good people that they even give back the extra balance and i think this should be the manner that other shop keepers have to adopt in terms of hospitality for foreigners because i believe it is the least they can do. “

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