Four business men arrested for hiking prices

Four business men arrested for hiking prices

Kampala:  Four business men have been arrested following the presidents directive of cancelling licenses of individuals who hike commodity prices as he addressed the nation yesterday.

The arrested who are residents of Koboko Northern Uganda, are believed to be the owners of Lila-D-Keshwala enterprise, Paul enterprise and home brothers investment. these are three Indians and one Ugandan.

Capt. Yahaya Kakooza Resident District Commissioner Koboko said that Corona Virus has brought a few disadvantages,but  people shouldn’t use that as a way to exploit Ugandans. The police led by capt Kakooza closed down the shops followings complaints by the locals who say the prices of salt, sugar and other items were hiked.

Prices of goods in different places before the presidents speech.

Before the presidents speech, a packet of salt was between Ughs 1200-Ughs 3500 from Ughs 700, sugar was Ughs 6000 from 4000 among other goods.

Mukisa John a trader in Namuwongo noted that they also bought goods on a higher price from whole sale traders and are now set to register losses.

Prseident Museveni refereed to the traders who hike commodity prices as crooks and promised to send his people to check and arrest all the traders hiking prices of goods.
“I can choose to leave you and arrange my NRM people to get food directly from villages and sell it at good prices, don’t push us to take such hash measures,” he said adding that everyone found hiking prices, their license should be cancelled.



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