Give your room a glamorous look

By Zuurah Karungi

Every girl needs a beautiful, shining, outstanding and elegant room. Many people don’t take a chance to beautify their rooms just because they are in hotels. Mary Namukose an interior designer argues that you can live in a room of your dreams regardless of where you are. Here are a few tips on how to give your house a glamorous look.

Declutter the room

Remove all unnecessary items in the room, this could include old shoes, broken furniture among others, since hostel rooms are usually small, a lot of stuff would make the room rowdy.

Paint the room

Sometimes these hostels are given a particular colour that may not rhyme with your taste or theme, in case the hostel management allows you to change the colour, you could consider turning the room to a colour of your choice.

Mary Namukose an interior designer notes that paint brings a room to life, gives it class and defines you as an individual.

“Different colours mean send a different messages, so what you incorporate in your room send a picture to people who visit. For example blue represents love and calmness and it could be good for a room. White is a universal colour that shows purity, you can have it solo or blend it with another colour preferable blue, purple, pink depending on what you prefer,” she says.

Paint the room

Have a theme colour

It’s very important to have a common colour that all the other features in the room complement, as you buy things, make sure the colours are in line your them colour.

Add plants

Indoor plants represent nature as well as give your room a great ambiance. You could chose to go with hanging plants or container plants.

Alternatively you could chose to have these plants on the door way in case you don’t like having them in.

Hanging plants bring in nature

Colorful pillows

Colourful pillows are on trend. They come in different colours, sizes and shapes, you should put your theme colour first while buying them. These are displayed in the room and they particularly complement the bed. if you have a bigger room that can accommodate seats, then you can throw a few pillow in the chairs as well.

Coloured pillow bring a room to life

Wall hangings

There are a number of beautiful ornaments for the wall that you could embrace. This could be a nice clock, beautiful pictures (preferably of nature) or of you among others. Namukose adds that you could also use hanging plants as wall hangings.

Wall hangings not only beautiful a room but also makes it spacious

Cleanliness is key

To have a beautiful room, you need to be extremely clean, mop your room on a daily, open the windows for fresh air to get in, lay your bed every Morning with clean ironed bed sheets among others.

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