Government Takes Over Mountains of the Moon University

Government Takes Over Mountains of the Moon University

The Ministry of Education and Sports has finalized the process of taking over Mountain of the Moon University after signing the memorandum of agreement with the proprietors of the University.

Speaking during the signing of the agreement at the Ministry of Education, the state minister for higher education, John Muyingo says that this is the final stage of taking over this university as a private university into a public University.

According to Muyingo, the Attorney General will be required to gazette this university into a public one after the signing of the documents.

He adds that full operations of the university by the government kick off this year in July and the University will cease being a private one.

On behalf of the University, the Chairperson Board of trustees, Tom Butiime says that the government is taking over a clean university without any debts and disagreements.

The government started the take-over process of this university in 2015 in abiding to fulfill its pledge of having a university in all the 18 regions in the country.

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