Great orators respect their audience

Ebitu Yeats Larmbert from Busitema University
Ebitu Yeats Larmbert from Busitema University

I was lucky that I emerged the Champion of the 6th Inter-University Human rights public speaking competition at Uganda Christian University organized on 9th March 2013. There was a lot to learn but I zeroed down to these seven important lessons; That

Great orators are masters of both the written and spoke word.
Great orators are not controlled but rather control their audience.
Great orators respect the thin line between personal, and popular opinion.
Great orators not only speak using their minds but also appeal to hearts.
Great orators respect their audience.
Great orators customize their speech to engage a specific audience.
Great orators don’t speak differently, but inspire the audience to listen to them differently.

I was the best presenter, yet, I took my last, but most important lesson that to become a great speaker, you must first become a student of the great orators.

I pay tribute to the Busitema University Human rights club and Colleagues. I didn’t win it we we won it. Thanks for the valuable discussions that nurtured the winning presentation.

I also thank the Busitema university guild for the fear not to fail your trust and faith in my capabilities was in part the reason I refused to come second!

The writer is Larmbert Ebitu: An Orator, Essayist, and Youth activist from Busitema University.

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