Gulu University Lays off 60 Students over COVID-19 Guidelines

Gulu University Lays off 60 Students over COVID-19 Guidelines

Gulu University has turned away 60 of its students for failing to comply with the COVID19 guidelines.

James Ojok Onono, the University Public Relations Officer says the 60 have not undergone management training on COVID 19 for acceptance in to the University according to the directive.

“We were very clear from the time of calling them back that they all needed to have undergone this special training before accepting them and we can’t help them now” Onono explained.

Gulu University

The University now has a total population of the finalists 1196 who have been through one week training on COVID-19 management with the exception of the 60 who are yet expected to yet to be re-admitted.

However, the University Guild President has clashed with the management over the decision taken against the student.

‘President’ Noowe explained that the reopening of the University for the finalists came at a short notice that did not give all the students time to prepare and promptly report.

He has asked the management to reverse its decision and conduct a special training rather than closing of the gate.

He further explained that most of the victims are from Kamuli and its neighboring Districts who are yet struggling to get transport and requirements needed to return to the University.

“We can’t accept this and that is why the University Management should reverse its decision taken ” Noowe swore.

Doreen Oyella, a Fourth Year Law student has described the decision as unfair for the students.

“We all know the backgrounds of most of our students and the way the University was closed and we were returned home  when we didn’t expect,” Oyella added.

The University has also enrolled both the academic and none academic staff on a similar training which is expected to complete in the next three days.

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