Her soft smile tempts many

Anita Muhairwe, MBA student at Nkumba University
Anita Muhairwe, MBA student at Nkumba University

Anita Muhairwe  is an MBA Student at Nkumba University and a manager at Hotel Roza.  She is an inspirational figure to many school going fellows.

Anita recently released her 1st Edition of “The Campus Challenge” a book that is yet to sell like a cold pancake.

Her expressiveness in spoken broken Luganda is just unheard of.

However, her eloquence in English backed up with her humble soft tempting plastic smile has forced many to demand for too much. …………Sorry dear.

That aside, Anita is a politician and she has held several political positions both at school and outside school though she says politics sucks.

She was the Guild Prime Minister at Nkumba. And a current founder member of Truth Peddlers’ Group – a group of professional members.

Sources reveal that she is about to make up her minds either to contest as Youth MP or Women MP in the coming national elections in 2016.

I know you are about to ask me about her relationship status. The Campus Times found out that Anita has acted as a sanga to many campus ladies.  She even set up a face book page “Relationship advice” to cater for heartbroken  ladies.

But sorry to all of you who have intentions, Anita is booked. Just wait for an invitation to her wedding party in case you are among the special lucky ones. Kudos Anita Muhairwe

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