Holiday Activities for University Students Good for Career Growth

Most Universities in Uganda have finished their end of second semester exams and students have broken off for up to a month-long holiday.

This period can easily go when you just seated glued on your TV screen or even doing a lot of lazy stuff like gossiping and over sleeping which could be of a negative effect to your health too.

Here are some ways you can spend that “small holiday” much more constructively than engaging in self destructive activities or just resting;

Helping out parents with businesses and earning some allowances. If your parents own businesses or are in positions where they can fix you somewhere, make it clear to them that you would want to help raise money for tuition but also for other basics like upkeep money. This will enable you be occupied and also make you of value to your parents.

You can take up temporary work positions to avoid asking everything from your parents. Positions like car washing, making fries, making crafts, census officials, polling assistants during general elections, waiter and waitresses can be done by a holiday maker and earn good money to use when you go back to campus and avoid being overly dependent on your parents.

Coaching students in lower classes. You can reach out to parents in your locality and let them know you can help their kids with “math” for-example or any other subject you are well accustomed to or which their children are less knowledgeable about.

Many parents are frustrated with their children performing poorly in a certain subject and will be more than pleased to invest in more for their kids to learn it.

Volunteering: there are some volunteering opportunities that require fewer qualifications and can be done during holidays. The holiday maker needs to search up such opportunities and take maximum advantage of them. Sometime volunteers are paid a small allowance but most of the time it is free though very much worthy the toil. This can help you build your CV, popularity, how you interact with people and it will still be adding a brick to societal building.

Joining the church choir, Bible study or any other activity. There is a saying that goes; “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop” Therefore to avoid being all idle and allow the devil to exploit you, you can opt to serve God by participating in church activities. This will additionally help deleope your social and spiritual life.

Forming and joining physical fitness groups. It may look unnecessary to you but keeping doing exercise and keeping fit has a lot of implications on your whole well-being. Wait until you put up weight in a week and use over a month to fight it off. Anyway that was just a teaser but keeping fit; you beat a lot of illnesses, stress, and keep the brain more functional.

For more fun, you need to keep your holiday more engaging by participating in more interactive activities and avoid being in isolation to build a good social life and at the same time widen your chances to opportunities.

You can find more on available engagements in your community through available material, associations, ‘google it up’ on various sites or from social media interactions but always devise means to benefit from that holiday.

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