Home Remedies for Flu

Home Remedies for Flu

Gilbert Mutungi, a doctor at ministry of health says flu is has become a common illness of recent and some people may confuse it for Covid-19 since they both have similar symptoms. He saystaking a test to find out what exactly you are suffering from is crucial. If you find out that it is flu you are suffering from,  before you try out the medication, there are home remedies the can help relieve the flu so fast.

All these home remedies have anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties which help speed up the healing process.


Squeeze the lemon juice into a cup then add warm water into it and drink when it is still warm.

You can also cut the lemon into small pieces without peeling it, boil it and drink the juice extract.

Peel the lemon and take its juice.

Take it three to four times a day.


Oranges can be washed, do not peel, cut into two and suck the juice in it.

Squeeze the juice into a cup, add warm water into it and drink.

Take it three to four times a day.


You can pound the garlic and add it into hot water, let it steep for some time and take it as tea.

Extract the juice from the garlic and tale a tea spoonful three times a day or alternatively you can swallow the garlic as whole.

Warm water

Warm water can be take on its own without adding anything into it and its steam will help ease the nose congestion. You can take this like three times a day.


This is the common remedy that has been used over time, pound the ginger, let it boil in water then add some sugar and tea leaves into it and drink.

You can also grate it and add it into your soup as one of the spices.


Steam is very effective for treating flu.

Get hot water, pour into a bowl and get a towel and throw it over your head and take deep breathes for a period of time.


You can pour the honey into hot water and drink throughout the day.

Mix honey with lemon juice, onions juice extract and warm water and drink it three times a day.

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