Has your partner been faithful before Valentine or we should mind our own business?

Has your partner been faithful before Valentine or we should mind our own business?

Hey, 3 days to Love day but get there safe and be safe thereafter. The day is usually crowned with gift sharing among content love birds, dating couples, friends and families and for gents to ladies trying to send a signal of ‘I have been Seeing, all along’ while others will celebrate in a ‘mature adult way’.

But how faithful has been your Babe, Bae, Guy in the recent days? Have you been in acceleration, in quarrels or at crossroads?

If you have been at acceleration, good for you, but still mind about your safety before Valentine.

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If there is anyone soothing you just to catch you on Valentine, should not put you in everlasting ‘shit’. Be mindful of your life after valentine. Its good receive the gifts, be thoughtful of intensions.  

If you have been at Crossroads, it’s just a day, it should not be a trap card, be steady, mind about the past occurrences, don’t be convinced by just emotional, targeted messages and gifts, think about the faithfulness of your dear one in recent days. Don’t let your heart to think alone, let it think with the brains.

How about you created an emergency at the last hour? Of course, I know honesty is paramount in a relationship, but depending on the loyalty of your spouse, make some excuse to escape for the safety of your life. Life is more paramount than just getting pleasure for one day and regrets forever over unreversible mistakes.

Hey, if you are completely overpowered by emotions, let your thoughts be absorbed in possible outcomes of sleeping with unfaithful ‘spouse’, life is a pleasure, not to just be wasted in a day, not even a day, but in a minute, make sure you both get tested to know for sure that neither of you has a Healthy Issue, don’t shy away.

Valentine Health safety

It might be uncomfortable to start the conversation, but protecting your health is your responsibility, not forgetting HIV, HEP B, Syphilis and many more health complications.

For HIV, there are remedies like pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), medication that someone who is HIV negative can take to reduce their risk of contracting HIV. You still have a chance of two days to protect yourself from the HIV. You can as well use condoms.

You should also avoid sexual contact when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, before you have known each other’s status, get tested first.

Hello love birds, hope you are aware of silent killer, Hepatitis B. It is very dangerous than you could imagine. The virus is passed from person to person through blood, semen or other body fluids, which is not popular in the population, now that you know, don’t fall a prey.

 You should get tested and get vaccinated against Hep B. Having chronic hepatitis B increases your risk of developing liver failure, liver cancer a condition that permanently scars of the liver.

Above all, have a conversation about sexual health with your valentine love is key because not everyone with an STI/Ds knows they have one, until they are tested.

Let’s practice love social distance, there should be guarantee that your life after valentines is safe.

Safety of our life should be celebrated all the time, don’t trade your life just in a day. Life is more precious to be lost, wasted in a day. Dear love birds, lets be mindful of the things we shall do with safety at back of our mind.

Nice Valentine Day.

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