How mind-set could be a threat to your own success – Andrew Rugasira tells youth

Creativity, Innovation, Hard and smart-work, Passion and Resolve are the core golden seeds of success as it is told.

However, even when all conditions can lead to sustainable growth, if not well propagated and grounded, a worm called “Mind-set” will kill them and success therefore is likely to elude the young people, Founder of and Chief Executive Good African Coffee Andrew Rugasira says.

Rugasira of the Good African story , a Ugandan based company much celebrated for building an African coffee brand on the world market was speaking to a gathering of young people from all walks of life at The Emerging leaders Forum Organised by The Leo Africa.

The discussions were held under the theme: “Engaging Youth in Defining a Post-2015 Agenda that works for Africa”

Rugasira said if the new set of Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals as adopted by the United Nations recently are to be achieved, young people should within themselves strive be at the forefront of creating wealth and bringing ‘sustainable’ change in society.

The Entrepreneur widely acknowledged for driving large scale change through the development of Agriculture value chain with outstanding examples of coffee farmers in Kasese District told young people to polish their thinking in order to achieve sustainable social-economic transformation.

“It is only when you have the right mindset that you stand up and recognize;  your design,  your potential, and your capability to bring about change,” Rugasira says.


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