How to achieve your future goals

How to achieve your future goals

We all have dreams that we badly want to achieve . It does matter how big or small your goals are. Every thing can be achieved if you put your mind to it. Margret Tumusiime a teacher and counselor gives us tips on how to achieve our dreams.

Be disciplined

One thing that will take you places is discipline. You need to show respect to your everyone one around you regardless of their status.

work hard

Tumusiime says you need to word extremely hard,

“No one has ever achieved anything by sitting back, if you want to achieve something, you will have to wake up and work hard for it, achieving your dreams will mean having sleepless nights, extended work hours, cutting off some friends among other things,” she says.

Stay focused

If you chose to do business, work towards that and stick to it. Don’t divert just to follow your friends or someone said it cant work. Choose what you love and work extensively towards achieving it.

Get role models

Every field you want to get in has people who have excelled. Read about those people and work towards being like them. If you can approach them the better, ask them how they made and what you need to do to be like them.

Pray to God

We all know that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and that with him everything is possible. Pray to God and ask him to help you achieve your future goals.


For More information watch the videos below

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