How to avoid rape

How to avoid rape

At the beginning of this year, the country was on a fire as different women came up to reveal they were raped. In most cases, men use women’s vulnerability to force them into sexual acts against their will.   Here are a few steps experts give that can help you avoid rape.

Don’t go with men in tempting places

Peter Magoba a father of two says avoid meeting men in their home, dark places where someone may get tempted to propose sexual matters or seduce you. If it’s your boss, always talk from open places to avoid any kind temptations.

He adds that this involves not caressing with a man you don’t want to sleep with them, this arouses both your feeling and his which may lead to unprepared for sex.

Don’t go to men when drunk

Joy Mugasa a counsellor at Maggieson Wellness Center notes that some girls treat their worries with alcohol and after go to men for consolation, the rate of girls used/raped by men when drunk is high, to avoid this, don’t go out drinking with people you don’t trust, avoid crying over your problems with men because they will use your vulnerability to use you.

Speak up

She adds that others get shy to shout when being raped which is wrong, you had better should and be rescued than keeping quiet and living with the rape guilt your whole life. If there are people around, don’t get scared to call them up for help.

Don’t walk alone

Some girls like walking alone in dark corners, at night, or in forests for adventure. To avoid rape, always walk in a group of two or more as someone will not attack you when in a group.

Don’t take a man’s money if you don’t like him

Jane Kamakune a mother notes that at times girls are forced into sexual acts because of taking a man’s money and not abiding by the rules. If you aren’t interested in a man, don’t take their money or material things.

“If you refuse to sleep with him yet are taking his money, he will rape or even killed you, why do you love the money of the person you don’t like” she says.

Let No be No

She adds that say no in a serious manner to avoid being misunderstood. This is your life, stand firm and let your NO be firm, loud and serious, no man in their rightful mind will take such a No for a joke.

“Some girls say No while laughing and touching the man, there is no way a man will take you serious,” she adds.

Dress decently

Train yourself to wear decent clothes as most men are invited by our dress codes. Your clothes should cover the knees and shouldn’t be too tight, tops should cover the breasts.

Protect your self

Carry things like hot pepper spray or chill powder, don’t carry knives because men are stronger and may use it against you.

Practical solutions when being raped

These maybe effective or not depending on the situation you are in.

  • Bite him hard
  • Squeeze his
  • Talk to him, some men will feel your pain and let you go, talk to them and promise not to tell anyone he tried to rape you.
  • Shout
  • Spray his eyes if you have hot pepper spray

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