How to get a potential husband

How to get a potential husband

Being single is cool, you can sleep in your bed cross ways, drink as much as you want, enter your house in wee hours all without question. But when the red flag raises, every woman will need a husband. We will all agree that finding a potential husband isn’t taking a cup of coffee. Have you wondered why an ‘ugly’ girl marries a man of your dreams yet you remain socked in your beauty, shockingly sometimes these girls may not put in as much efforts as you do. If you are a craving for a relationship, have tried and failed, worry no more, here is how to find a potential husband.

Peter Mutebi a freelance relationship counselor gives the following tips on how to find a husband.

Go out

No man will find you in your house. Get out as much as you can and meet different people. Try to do different things even if they make you uncomfortable. This will help you mingle with different kinds of people and your husband could be among. While there, make sure you don’t behave out of the odd as this may push men a way. Tyr much to be social. Some of the places like clubs, church, mosque, beach, community activities or association among others.

Be yourself

Every man loves a woman who is proud of who they are, you don’t need to be like your friend or a celebrity on TV, create your own brand. Every man will be attracted to a confident woman, if it’s to speak be confident and remain relevant. Keep eye contact in your conversations and show everyone you are proud of who you are.

Give them a chance

Being open exposes you to different people hence getting a wide range of choice, don’t judge anyone at first sight because in most cases people are not what you see. Take time to understand someone and give them a chance to express themselves.

“Some girls will ignore a man on foot just because their dream husband should own a car, remember that some dreams are illusions and that something’s can be achieved with time,” he adds.

Ask others to help

It’s not that everyone married today got the partners themselves. Spread the gospel, to your friends, relatives and church mates. Tell them you’re searching and be clear on the kind of husband you want.

Try online dating

We have seen a couple of dating sites introduced in Uganda, many people have managed to get potential partners and are happily married. You can choose to try it out as well. Be sure of the person you are talking to, don’t meet them, alone on the first date because you don’t know who they are.

Look good

Looking miserable will cost you, it’s natural that all men are attracted to good looking women. Dress up nicely, wear a good perfume and shoes and just be classy, this will earn you a man. Mind about your health, eat well, and take a lot water to keep a good skin.

Move a lone

Moving in big numbers will cost you, take time to off alone, this will invite a potential man. Chose a day and decide to walk around alone, go for that cool movie and trust me your luck will follow you there.

Tell the truth

Some girls will deny that they are searching or play hard to get, this will chase a potential husband. Be open to whoever comes to you, tell them you are searching and that you want a serious partner. This isn’t playing cheap like most people think, telling a man you are single doesn’t reduce you in anyway because you searching anyway.












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