How to get scholarship abroad

How to get scholarship abroad

Studying a broad gives you exposure, change of environment and good education. Many people love to study a broad but don’t how to get there. Are you wondering on how to get a scholarship a broad? Here are a few tips to guide you.

Find sites that post scholarships

Joy Kahunde a student in China notes that we have so many sites that post scholarships all over the world. These will guide you on finding opportunities like funding, scholarships, grants, international competitions among others.

Some of these sites include Opportunity desk, Opportunities for Aficans, Africanada, After school Africa, World Scholarship forum, Study in Sweden, Scholarship portal, among others.

“Subscribe to these sites so that they can send you opportunities on a daily or you can alternatively visit the sites more often,” she says.

Go to different offices

Paul Martin Opio a student in Sweden says that Embassies like American embassy, British embassy and others always give students an opportunity to study in their countries. Visit their offices to find out if they have any positions so that you can apply.

Visiting these offices will also help you gather information on when they recruit students or what kind of grades you must have to qualify.

With the digital era, you can as well reach them on email or their social media pages and get any kind of information you want.

Talk to your university administrators of lecturer to see if there is an opportunity there. In most cases universities abroad form partnerships with local universities and give students scholarships.

Put your resume in soft copy

Kahunde adds that since all these scholarships need soft copy applications; put your resume in soft copy. Keep it on your email so that it’s easy to access anywhere any time. Your resume should be well written, scan the important documents e.g. birth certificate academic documents and attach them.


Vanesa Nakiwala a student in Canada notes that you should apply to as many scholarships as possible. Even if you don’t go through, you can still apply you never know when luck will befall you.

“As you apply, give it your all. Remember you aren’t there to represent yourself but your application will,” he says.

Take the application process serious

Opio advises that you go to people who have got scholarships before for help or ask your lectures for ideas on how to make your application irresistible.  Take as much time as possible to present good work as long as it’s before deadline. There is nothing like first come first serve so give it your all before submission.

Take deadlines seriously

Submit your work at least two days before the deadline, this will save you the panic or missing out on the scholarship due to last time eras as sometimes internet isn’t reliable.


Opio adds that most international universities take smart students, they require certain grades and skills. Make sure you are performing well in school to avoid missing out on good opportunities.  Computer skills are a plus. It’s important that you take computer lessons to get some basics.

Go through the process

Some people end at applying and assume they are done, in most cases, these scholarships have a series of interviews, sometimes video calls, phone calls, second set of application. Go through all the required steps to qualify.

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