How to grow your relationship this valentine.

How to grow your relationship this valentine.

True love is a strong and lasting, emotional affection between two people or a group of people. Cambridge dictionary defines relationship as the way in which two people or a group of people are related.

We experience a deep sense of care and commitment, plus positive thoughts towards a person that we love but the challenge is, this does not last long because it tends to fed away with time.

Finding a person with whom to share a life with is the most beautiful feeling that has ever happened to me every one says, but what happens next? We forget that we are two people from different societies, parenting, economic background which comes different behaviors, religious differences, which most of the time hinder the relationship from working out.

I believe a perfect person is not yet born and all we need to do is make the ones we have perfect and make a good true love story. Below are some of the tips.

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Pray, fast, bless, ask God to make your relationship for last forever because God is the master piece of everything. God is the creator of all human beings meaning he has all full control. Genesis 2:24 ,Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh. Genesis 2:22 And the rib, which the lord god had taken from man ,made he a woman and brought her unto the man. meaning GOD made a partner for each one of us in the beginning.



Do not rush ,you will crash is an old saying but I have seen it happen and I believe everything has its timing so give yourself time for your relationship to grow on its own and if you let it grow on its pace it is hard for it to crash. I always say time will tell whether you love me or not because only true love can stand a test of time.

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When you look in the past you will loose track of where your going. I personally take the past to be lost because the past is already gone you can never bring it back, good or bad its better you just talk about it but not to rely on it for relationship to grow.


I tell you looking at negatives to come in your relationship, things which have not happened like you predict that your partner will dump you some day, she/he will not fulfil the promises among others this will strain your relationship you may end up even breaking up with no valid reason and you can never make future plans.

keep a positive mind about your relationship by live for the moment to put life in your relationship to grow.

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Make memories to look at in the future.


For partners you will be able to share and out everything together both joyful and hard times which will help you maintain your relationship while as a liability relationship you both look for capabilities of one another to start your relationship meaning without them your relationship can not work out.

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internet photo

It’s Immaculate, don’t miss out on my next story  How to be a good woman in a man’s life?

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