How to learn a new language fast

How to learn a new language fast

Many of us love to learn second or third language but fear the process of learning. Some try and give up along the way. Here is a guide on how to stay committed and learn a new language fast.

Start with short and simple dialogues 

Forget the vowels, and alphabet. Start the language with the commonly used words or phrases.  For example, how to great in the morning, afternoon and evening. Get beginner books that give you these concepts and do the learning a step at a time.

Learn pronunciation

Use available materials in google or through watch videos or movies to learn how to pronounce certain words. This will help you learn the word and how to pronounce it.


Reading materials on your target language will help you learn the concepts faster. Read, try to come up with the meaning and look up the given meaning on line.

Speak the Language

We learn by doing. Look for people who the language and speak to them occasionally. This will help you learn from them and also practice what you are reading.

Learn a language at a time

Learn a language at a time. Finish one and go back to learn more. This will help you concetrate on a thing at a time.

Watch the video below to learn more on how to learn a language fast.

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