How to manage talent in an organisation

How to manage talent in an organisation

Talent management refers to the anticipation of a required human capital for an organisation and planning to meet those needs.

A company with better talent management policies is always able to sustain and retain their workers for so long and when it comes to accomplishing the projects successfully, they come at the top.

It is out of the talent that a company that the company can be able to win contracts from competent companies because there will be trust of accomplishment in the tasks that are to be done in the project.

Jackson Oteu, a procurement officer at proper skills management, Bweyogere says a company can manage the talent of their employees by recruiting, retaining, developing, rewarding, making people perform as well as strategically planning the work force.

“Usually, when evaluating the employees to hire or retain,  you need to ask yourself and see whether the individual suits the role, is good for the organisation or for the future roles that may come up,” says Oteu.

On the other hand, Simeon Wanyama, Board Chairman at Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority says it is a paradigm shift from convectional recruiting, recruiting and this develops dy to day tasks in Human Resource.

He says with good talent management, the company’s productivity will increase and this will not only be increased but also made perfect which will enable the company accomplish its tasks and be able to be trusted with other contracts.

He further says for talent to be created, the trainers should embed change  by involving them in company audits and research that the company is carrying out about their work.

On the other hand, Bosco Lotte Bogere says talent management should not only benefit the company but also individuals for their career growth and future references.

“For the employees to feel like their talent is appreciated, give them incentives and involve them in any decision making before and work decision is taken up,” says Lotte.

He says this can best be done by having the employee’s work monthly evaluated so that you can know each one’s productivity, area of strength and where they need to improve so that they can be helped to attain what is required.



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