How to Promote Artwork- 7 Pro Tips for Artists

When it comes to promoting your talent, you have to think from the point of view of your masses and target audiences. If you don’t make any effort to promote your art work, no one will be able to purchase your piece.

So, do not stay behind the doors, come forward and promote or sell your art to earn profit. Here are the pro tips for artists to sell and promote their artwork.

Start blogging

Start your photography blog. It is the most significant way to connect with the audience and tell them about your unique art styles. You can write about your journey of creating art, your personal information, and can link the content to your social media.

There are many great platforms like WordPress, medium, Tumblr, Weebly, etc, to post your blogs on a daily basis. You can choose any medium which is better according to your field.

Official website and social media


Create an official website that is solely dedicated to your art prints like these. The Official Website makes your art look professional and authentic. Share your personal information, contact number so that people can reach you.

Create a straightforward and unique logo and name for your website. It must reflect your art.

This logo and name must be on your social media sites. Find your target audience and create accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Promotion by Social media sites has increased immensely over the past few years.

Stay active on social media, reply to queries, comments and be kind. Ask people to review your work and ask for suggestions for improvement. In this way, they can directly reach out to you. Interlink all the online handles; it will be easy for people to explore more about you.

Offline promotion

Your audience may be people who like to connect with you personally. Go and talk to these people at events or art fairs. Promote your artwork by talking to your friends and family and ask for their reviews. Then, share your business card in person or through the local newspaper. It will help you gain an audience.

Opening a gallery for your artwork is a beautiful project. Put in your hard work and make an excellent people budget-friendly gallery. This gallery doesn’t have to exhaust all your savings. A gallery can be made in your house too or a rented room. Distribute flyers and promote them online.



Presentation of your art matters a lot as people love a connection.  Hire a good photographer so you can take photos of your artwork in unique ways.

Displaying it on your website, social media with catchy photos and captions will make it worth considering. Take photos of your gallery, pictures of you with the art, try exciting ways to attract your audience.

Visit local fairs and exhibitions

If you are an artist, you would love to visit local art fairs and exhibitions. You will find your creed here.  In addition, you will develop contacts with people in the same field. You may be recognized and loved by all. So be kind and talk to everybody about your endeavor.

While displaying your art, mention your website and social media handles name. Distribute your business card to people. The more you reach out to the people, the more recognition you will achieve.

Make your team

Handling everything alone may become tiresome. You will become unresponsive to your audience. A single person dedicating himself to making art and running all other things sounds tough.

Don’t do it alone and assign people who would love to be part of your project. Teamwork will ensure that you stay active everywhere, including social media, blogs, and art events.

It feels good when someone genuinely feels your art. However, with so many ways around, you must consider promoting your art for the happiness of both the artist and the audience.

Final Words

Take ideas from the above tips to promote your artwork. This will help you reach more audience and allows to earn more by selling your prints.

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