How to survive while studying a broad

How to survive while studying a broad

Studying abroad is a great opportunity in a student’s life. However this can be quite demanding as you have to stay far from home, face language barriers, different culture, different curriculum among others.

Here are tips to keep you open minded, you will have the best memories, make new friends.


Most students reach and are taken up by good things in the area hence forgetting their number one goal. Moses Kimbugwe an international student notes that you have to keep your eye on your goal. The number one reason you went abroad is to study so do it with one heart. Read hard and come back home with flying colours.

Embrace social media

Social media (facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, instagram, utube etc)will keep you posted on things going on in your country, connect you to your friends and family as well as keep you entertained. Talking to your people more often will help you kill the boredom, keep the bond strong as well help you from getting home sick.

Learn the country official language

Learning a local language will help you interact with the locals, give you an extra language as well as help you fit in the society.


Most people tend to stay indoors and not workout at all. Jane Alinaitwe notes that this is the perfect time to stay fit. Walk around, jog, skip the rope, do seat ups, stretch, squats among others. You can join sports like Volley ball, football, cricket, basketball net ball, to have fun as well as stay fit.This should be accompanied by healthy eating, Alinaitwe notes that most students resort to eating junk foods as they aren’t used to the food in the new communities which puts their health at stake.“You can decide to eat vegetables because these are usually everywhere st and taste the same. Rather than eating junk, you can eat plenty of vegetables and water,” she says.

Be responsible

You are on your own in that country, it important to be responsible for your actions, your security and property. Don’t stay out long as you don’t know the area well, don’t provoke the locals in any way, avoid fights and engaging in activities that will put you in trouble.

Some students get bad company and engage in acts of theft, prostitution, dealing in drugs among others which put their life at stake. “It’s important to respect the law and not do anything contrary, it’s in fact important to study the law so that you never go wrong unknowingly,” he adds.

Avoid over spending

Jane Kahunde a student in China says that some students usually get overwhelmed by the nice things in the countries and end up spending all the money they have buying niceties.

To avoid falling in this trap, spend your money sparingly, know that you are in a foreign land, without family or friends to run to incase you are broke.

Find something to do

Kahunde adds that find something to do to earn some money, get yourself busy or productive. You can alternatively enroll for an extra lesson, creative dance, crafts class or any other of your choice.  


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