How well do you know your partner before marriage

How well do you know your partner before marriage

Joy Magezi *not real name* moved in with her boyfriend after getting pregnant only to discover he was a secondary teacher and not a university lecturer like he had said.

“I trusted him and didn’t try to ask anyone, I was so disappointed but couldn’t do anything because am carrying his child,” she says.

Just like joy, so many people get disappointed after marriage when they discover their partners are not what they expected them to be, here is a list of things you ought to know about your partner before marriage.

HIV status

A big number of people don’t go for a medical checkup before getting intact with their partners. They in most cases discover when a woman is pregnant and the blame game starts. Gorret Betty Mbabazi a nurse notes that before you even get close to someone, demand a medical checkup not only on HIV/AIDs but other diseases like sickle cells, diabetes among others.

Their job

Margaret Tumusiime a counselling Phycologist notes that you should take time to know what your partner does. Most people don’t give this time and they end up marrying thieves and other wrong people. Know where they work from, the people they work with what and kind of job they do.

Family and home

She adds that you should know where your partner comes from, his/her parent’s home, anything can happen that requires you to meet their partner’s. Meet his or her parents, brothers and sister and know how their relationship is, this will also give you a picture on the kind of person you are marrying.

Their plans

Most people reach marriage and start cursing of how their partner has no plans for the future, sit them down, know who they are and what their future plans are.

Their past

The past determines who your partner is, you will have to know who they were before you met them, what has happened in their life before, do they have children, were they married before among other crucial matters. Because their past will affect you in a way or another so have to get prepared for it.

Their character

Tumusiime adds that you need to know how your partner reacts when they are angry, happy or stressed. This will help you learn how to handle them and how to behave around them.

Their friends

Tell me your friend and I will tell you who you are. You can know your partners character by knowing the people they hung out with.  Take time to know your partners friends, what they do, where they hung out.

Is it love or lust

Sometimes people marry others out of lust and not love, you can know this by giving the relationship time to grow, does he/she love you for who you are or it’s a feeling that will go away any time.

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