How You Can Stream Euro 2021 From Home

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Soccer is wildly popular all over the world and a multi-billion industry. The Euro 2020 was postponed because of the pandemic and is now Euro 2021, slated for 11th June to 11th July 2021. The league’s postponement allowed European leagues that had been suspended to complete their suspensions.

The Biggest Matches to Watch

Some of the biggest matches to keep watch out for include:

  • Turkey Vs. Italy (Rome {Group A}) on 11th June 2021, 21.00hrs
  • Denmark vs. Finland (Copenhagen {Group B}) on 12th June, 18:00hrs
  • Austria vs. North Macedonia (Bucharest, {Group C}) on 13th June, 18:00hrs
  • England vs. Scotland (London {Group D}) on 18th June, 21:00hrs
  • Spain vs. Poland (Bilbao {Group E}) on 19th June, 21:00hrs
  • Portugal in vs. France (Budapest, {Group F}) on 23rd June, 21:00hrs

How to Watch the Games

If you want to watch the games, you can watch the live stream matches via your laptop, desktop, or mobile devices. You need to download a VPN that will bypass any geo-restrictions, depending on where you are watching. Some of the options for streaming Euro online include:

  1. BBC and ITV

The BBC and ITV own the UEFA EURO championships UK broadcasting rights. To watch, you need to:

  • Connect to a VPN and connect to a server in the UK
  • Sign up for ITV or BBC iPlayer
  • Enter a valid UK postal code and stream the matches at your convenience.
  1. YouTube TV

YouTube TV has all the different channels streaming the Euro 2020. Watch the live matches on ESPN (39 games), ESPN2(7 games), or ABC (five matches) for $65 a month, with a five-day free trial period.

  1. Hulu

Get Hulu for $65 per month and stream ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC, although you can get all other channels streaming EURO 2021. Hulu has a seven-day trial period for its first-time subscribers.

  1. Watch on M6 and TF1

M6 and TF1 offer you another free live stream option for Euro 2021. These are free-to-air channels and are the official EURO 2021 broadcasters in French. The two channels will cover 23 of the 51 matches, inclusive of all France’s matches.

  1. Watch on RAI

RAI is the official Italian broadcaster with all rights for the EURO 2021. The stream is free and commentary in Italian. Check the RAI TV Guide for more information.


Numerous options allow you to watch EURO 2021’s live stream. Depending on your choice, you can watch the free live streams of the paid channel streams. Stay connected and enjoy the games!

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