Impregnated and left on her own

Impregnated and left on her own

My name is* Nakato Winnie*(not real names).I am a 15 year old Rwandese but has lived in Uganda all my life. My mother died when I was only nine months and I saw my father in January (2014).My whole life I never experienced the love of a parent.

I grew up in kyankwanzi under the care of my uncle and his wife. Life was not easy at all because I lived a life of canes and abuses over simple mistakes. I could not run anywhere since those were the only relatives I had.

When I made three my uncle took me to, “To Help and Equip Evangelist Disciples (HEED)” in Mubende an organization that helps orphans.

Here I found love, Aunt Irene was a very sweet woman she carried us played with us and acted as our real parent. I never at any moment missed home because HEED was a real home.

The organization paid for so many children at Alpha and Omega nursery and primary in Busaba Kampala and that’s where I was also taken for my primary.

The organization rented for us a house n Luzira where we stayed joyfully with a few missing home but I never did. We had matrons who guided and advised us when we went wrong.

After my primary, I joined Ebenezer International High school in Mubende under HEED in 2013. The school got me a sponsor who paid my tuition since senior one. The sponsor promised to pay for me up to university.

This made me focus since I wanted to achieve my dream of being a lawyer and also to make my sponsor happy. I spent sleepless nights reading and didn’t waste any time playing.

Students called me names but I couldn’t mind since I knew my future would be bright.

All my dreams got shattered the day I went to my uncles home for holidays, my uncle had died so I went to visit my cousins and Mum (uncles wife)

I was so surprised to see them welcoming me as a queen, they all ran and hugged me and immediately got me something to eat.

The following day when everyone had gone, my cousin Moses called me inside his room, without a doubt on my mind, I entered freely.

Moses held me hard and threw me on his bed, at first I thought it was a joke and I was all laughing.  I realized it was serious when he pulled off my skirts and lied on me. I tried to shout in vain.

Moses did to me something I hate remembering, the pain I experienced and all the blood I lost. I remembered how I confidently put up my hand when Aunt Irene asked for virgins in class. But all that pride was lost.

Moses never had any sympathy and even promised to pullout my throat if I said anything to anyone.


When Mum came back later in the evening, I ran to her in tears and told her how her son has deprived me of my pride, she immediately pushed me a way saying her son can never do such nonsense.

Left with no option, I went back to school. After three consecutive months of missing my periods, I thought I might be pregnant. I became so tensed when I realized something was moving in my stomach one morning.

I felt like killing myself that day, I looked at the bright future I dreamed and the day it was shuttered without my wish, I could not even figure out a way to tell Aunt Irene about it.

So I asked for permission from school and went home to tell Mum about it. The moment she saw me, she coiled on the veranda and looking in the opposite direction she asked” What do you want”

I told her how I was pregnant for her son, not even letting me stay for the night she chased me there and then and asked me never to go to her home.

“I should never see you here at any one moment” she shouted at me.

I then ran to my Lame dad for rescue, he reported the case at Bukwiri Police station in Kyankwanzi where Mum bribed and the case was suspended.

Moses escaped to Rwanda and I was left with no one to blame so I decided to go back to school and tell Aunt Irene about my sad story.

Aunt Irene felt so touched and she told the administrators about it, they organized and sent me to Wakisa ministries in Mengo Kampala were when I was seven months pregnant.

With all this I feel strong hatred for Moses who spoilt my future ,he is enjoying and am suffering, he has a home and I am homeless, he has parents to run to and I am parentless because the father I have can’t do anything for me and has no home.

My heart is full of wounds and a lot of pain but I can’t express it to anyone fully. At times I sit down and think without getting a clear definition of who I am.

I wish the government can change its laws and at list put a death penalty to all those monsters who rape and defile us the young girls and most especially taking advantage of us the poor ones.


A police report released in 2013 by the Inspector General of Police Kale Kaihura Indicates defilement as one of the leading crimes with 9,598 cases and there was a great increase by 15.8percent.

It also shows an increase in rape cases were 1042 cases were investigated compared to 530 in 2012 hence an increase by 49 percent

“I note that the sex related crimes, in particular defilement are not decreasing   with 9,598 cases compared to 8076 in 2012” kale Kaihura notes.

According to the report, East Kyoga registered the highest rate of defilement with 827 cases while Masaka and Rwizi regions registered the highest rate of rape with 84 cases each.

There biggest challenge was that most parents ignore legal proceedings and prefer to negotiate with suspects of defilement because of material gain.

The Ministry of Gender gives the 2013 statistics in a report compiled by UN Women and National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda through Community Monitors that More than 4000 children are defiled in Northern Uganda annually, with districts in Acholi region topping the list. It indicates that Agago district has one of the highest defilement rates in the region. The police Station indicates that 71 defilement cases were reported between April and July alone.   The statistics shows that northern Uganda tops in defilement and rape cases

According to the police statistic given by ANPPCAN “The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect” they say at least 21 children are defiled every day in Uganda.

Rate of defilement and early marriages in other East African countries

A report from Dublin institute of Technology shows that Tanzania s police report in 1991 -1995 received 756 cases of Defilement and sodomy of children. It also shows that in 1998-1996, 61 percent of girls were raped either by a relative or a close person at home like a laborers.

The independent Magazine on Friday 15 February  2013, shows a report by UNICEF Rwanda that indicates defilement cases toped the GBV crime list since 2010 with 1.654, 2011 (1.733 ) and 2012 1.619 cases.


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