Is ‘Billboarding’ necessary In Relationships.

Is ‘Billboarding’ necessary In Relationships.

“Post him and tell me how he/she is loving, caring, adorable, funny, reliable blah blah blah. If I take him don’t blame me because those are perfect features of my dream man/woman”

Social media has become a shoulder to lean on in relationships. Lovers post when they are single(single and available!), dating, engaged, married, separated, divorced and disillusioned. Social media is the big screen in town for happy and sad moments as well as criticism. But, why not keep your lover at heart not social media?

Is Posting of Help?

People go through different experiences in their love life, trust me the moment you expose your relationship on social media you automatically subscribe to Public opinion. There is the congratulations team and team ‘It will end in Tears’ .

The truth is, it feels good and romantic when your lover posts you on social media with captions like “Mine of course with sweetheart emoji. But is this assurance for your love, is the poster honest ‘oba yenonyeza bibye‘?. Anyway the heart always knows what it wants.

With internet and social media people can definitely decide who to view there posts and statuses and when to do so. Are sure your mother in-law viewed the post ? Valentine is coming girls are posting the gifts they want on Valentine. However, where will the loyalty be lie after the 24hrs.

It is always good to let the people you love know how much you love them rather than the public. Some contradict themselves as what they portray in public is 100% different from what they do with their lovers. The moment you post your loved ones just know social media in-laws will always owe you updates to keep them posted otherwise there will be a different interpretation of your relationship.

There are different ways of showing love besides posting, call your honey to check on them and see how they are doing, always remind them that your heart belongs to them, send a text, a Whatsapp message.

Nevertheless, read your partner, know what they want, some will always demand you to post them in spite of what you to show love because they prefer it and that is what proves you love them.

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