JESA finally confirms Sheebah as their brand ambassador

JESA finally confirms Sheebah as their brand ambassador

Singer Sheebah Karungi alias queen Karma’s deal with JESA diary farm has finally materialized after weeks of speculation. Sheebah joins singer Rema Namakula and Fik Fameica on the ambassadorial role of the diary farm.

One month ago, reports showed how JESA was considering to hire Sheebah as their new brand ambassador replacing Rema.

Reports also showed how the diary company had chosen not to renew Rema’s contract even when she performed her ambassadorial role remarkably.

However, the Diary company cleared the air for the public when they issued a written notice saying they didn’t drop Rema as an ambassador.

Fik Fameica signing contract with JESA

After a few weeks, they hired rapper Fik Fameica and added him to the Ambassadorial team. The musician made posts on social media showing his excitement about the new role and how he was paid handsomely to put pen to paper.

JESA has now unveiled Sheebah Karungi as their ambassador. The Team No Sleep lead singer has already confirmed the deal through a signed contract.

Sheebah Karungi, JESA ambassador.

But where does this leave Mukyala Musaawo, Rema? Has she been completely replaced by Sheebah and Fik Fameica. Let us wait for the next move…

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