Jinja Road based Club Rouge has closed business

Jinja Road based Club Rouge has closed business
Jinja Road based Club Rouge has closed.
Jinja Road based Club Rouge has closed.

Club Rouge on Jinja Road has closed business. The once popular night club that has been struggling financially  officially moved out of business on March 31, 2014.

According to sources, Rouge proprietor Spear Abowe sold the club to yet-to-be identified city businessman.

The premises will be closed for two weeks as the new owners renovate it.

Sources say that the new owners intend to make a few changes to make sure the club can compete comfortably with the likes of Silk, Amnesia and other top clubs in town.

This is not the first Spear Abowe business that is closing business.

Recently, he ventured into business with Katatumba’s son Rugira and invested in his (Rugira’s) Obama Bar in Kabalagal.

He (Spear) intended to convert Obamas into a top hangout called Monte Carlo. Just when we were beginning to warm up for the new top hangout in Kabalagala, it closed.

Rumour has it that the two egotistical men Spear and Rugira couldn’t¬† agree to terms of the investment and Spear sold his shares because it didn’t seem like a good investment. Obama bar has been since sold to new proprietors.

Also Spear, had heavily invested in FatBoyz in Kisementi with his friend Ivan Kaganzi. Together they sold their shares to Bill Tibeingana, Programme Director at XFM. Wherever Spear Abowe is heading to, it doesn’t look too rosy!

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