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Job Title: Country Director
Since 1988 Send a Cow (SAC) has transformed a million lives, by helping African families and orphans to grow enough food to eat, sell their produce and develop small businesses that last. Providing livestock, seeds, training and ongoing support, it helps families leave poverty behind for good. The Send a Cow Group currently constitutes Country Programmes in seven African countries plus the UK and USA, together with a Group Executive which is based in the UK.
Send a Cow Uganda (SACU) is registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Uganda (registration S.5914/1894), and is constituted with a local Board who ensure that SACU meets local legal obligations, input into the strategic planning process, and provide support, and networking and other development opportunities to the Country Director.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
1. Strategic leadership and Organisation:
  • To develop and lead the implementation of the SACU strategic plans, accountable to the SACU Board and in liaison with staff, partners, government and the Group Executive as appropriate.
  • Manage the offices and staff in accordance with the needs of the programme, including organisational policies, systems and procedures in line with SAC’s vision, mission, values and organisational strategic plan.
  • Develop and maintain on an annual basis, a rolling strategic plan and budget.
  • Ensure the SAC information management systems are properly used by the organization and implementing partners and to manage the organisation’s efforts and resources
  • systematically for expected results/impacts, learning and accountability.
  • Actively monitor and report to the Group office on all SACU performance and financial matters, and on a quarterly basis to the SACU Board.
  • To be proactive in the promotion of approaches to fundraising and collaborations which ensure all staff take opportunities for networking, monitoring, evaluation and reporting which increase the programme’s fundraising prospects.
  • Ensure that SACU and its partners develop a learning culture, document best practices and draw lessons, integrating them into organisational and programme management.
  • Ensure that farmers’ and partners’ needs are accurately assessed and met where appropriate.
  • Conduct any other tasks assigned by the Group Executive.
2. Spiritual leadership:
  • Offer Christian leadership, spiritual vision and direction within the organisation.
  • Set standards of Christian leadership and lead by example.
  • Take lead and participate in regular prayers.
3. Team Leadership:
  • Steer and manage the SACU Senior Management Team, and through them the rest of the SACU staff, ensuring decisions are followed through.
  • If appropriate, to manage consultants who provide expertise on functions not covered by the staff.
  • Delegate appropriately to staff, putting in place agreed goals and measures for how achievement of these will be implemented, measured and monitored.
  • Mentor, support and equip staff to help them achieve their goals.
4. Finances:
  • Ensure effective financial and resource management including preparation of annual budget and accounts.
  • Ensure that the financial policies and procedures are in line with relevant statutory provisions, with generally accepted accounting standards and with SAC’s established financial procedures.
  • Ensure SACU has an appropriate strategy for generating and raising funds to finance its approved strategic plans.
  • Ensure funds are managed to achieve value for money and in a transparent manner which can be explained to donors and supporters.
5. Accountability:
The following are the main criteria for assessing the Country Director’s performance:
  • Achievement of approved strategic objectives against agreed indicators.
  • Identification and acquisition of sufficient funding for the implementation of the agreed programme objectives.
  • Maintenance of expenditure within the approved budget and management of restricted grant funding.
  • Timely delivery to the Group office on an ongoing, monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and annual basis as appropriate of the following Programme reports, Financial reports and Summaries of projects reports
6. Human Resources:
  • Ensure that the organisation formulates and implements appropriate human resource policies and procedures in conjunction with the Group office.
  • Ensure the human resource policies and procedures are in line with relevant statutory provisions.
  • Make sure that all staff are motivated, empowered and equipped to do their work.
  • Representing and networking
  • Represent SAC to other organisations, government, partners and donors within Uganda and more widely in the region.
  • Actively network with other organisations for purposes of advantageous collaboration, best practices and information sharing.
  • Technically support appropriate lobbying and advocacy activities.
Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The applicant should hold a relevant Bachelor’s degree
  • A minimum of five years’ leadership experience in a senior management position
  • Skills and experience in participatory strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Past exposure and experience of motivating a multi-disciplinary team
  • Prior experience of promoting accountability and stewardship of resources
  • Skills and experience of budgeting
  • Excellent track record of income generation (e.g. project proposal development, submission for funding, and grants contract management)
  • Past exposure and experience and success in working sensitively and collaboratively with other stakeholders (e.g. community, government, other NGOs, religious organisations)
  • Possession of a Relevant Master’s degree and/or MBA will be an added advantage
  • Past exposure and experience of working in an international NGO
  • Significant experience of working at grassroots level in rural development
  • Prior experience of working in livestock, agricultural extension and/or social development projects
  • Fluent spoken and written English
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Possess the ability to understand financial information and to provide direction and oversight to the finance manager
  • Strong numeracy
  • Networking and representing skills
  • Fundraising and negotiating skills
  • Desirable
  • Fluency in spoken and written Luganda and Swahili
  • Strong monitoring and evaluation skills
  • Strategic leadership skills
  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Ability to provide active Christian spiritual leadership and ensure our Christian values are integrated into the country programme
  • Report writing skills
  • Understanding of IT applications
  • Personal qualities
  • Essential
  • Proactive and visionary leadership style
  • Willingness and commitment to share information and promote transparency
  • Results orientated
  • Complete-finisher
  • Flexible
  • Ability and willingness to travel in Africa and occasionally to the UK
  • Commitment to and understanding of equal opportunities
How to Apply: 
If you wish to apply, please download the following: job description/person specification, application form, equal opportunities monitoring form, guidance on completing three key achievements
Your application must include the following:
  • A completed Send a Cow Application Form, Download here
  • A competed Equal Opportunities form, Download here
  • A copy of your three most recent/relevant qualifications
  • Details of  ‘three key achievements’, outlined according to instructions
  • Confirmation of eligibility to work in Uganda
Please send your completed application to:
Deadline: 25th June 2014 at 10am (BST)
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