Kampala International University Graduation; Who is to Blame for Missing Names

Kampala International University Graduation; Who is to Blame for Missing Names
Graduants taking an oath at kampala international university main campus kansanga-Ggaba road.

Kampala International University will host its 18th graduation ceremony on November 12, 2019.

Being the leading private University in Uganda, many students are rolled in from Uganda and on international scene.

However, the roll out is not always as big as the admission list. While other students celebrate their success, a few others don’t know what exactly went wrong and why their names don’t appear on the graduation list.

In the end, they are left frustrated and hopeless, waiting for a miracle to happen when their names are enlisted on the graduation roll.


According Arnold a student who failed to graduate last year says “improper data base system at the institution where marks are lost repetitively” bringing about missing marks and not appearing on the graduation list however it is not only those graduating that are affected.

Hamidah Navvuma  a student in her final year says ”she lost her papers in her first year when she had just joined the university and never found them since it wasn’t recoverable in the system”.

“Lack of focus by students who end up going astray, joining gangs, slaying, taking drugs, smoking weed” said by one of the students these make some of the students to lose focus  making it hard for them to catch up all through the semester and fail to follow up their marks all through the process making them miss out on the list.

“Greed for money it being a private institution where there’s bribery, students use this opportunity to bribe or give money in order for their marks to be added directly to the data system without going through the whole the  process of following their marks or doing retakes and this process usually doesn’t turn up right for them at the end making it hard for the students names to appear on the list.

Late payment charges of tuition. According to Ann who failed to finish her studies but has failed to raise the money in time leaving her a choice of waiting, every time tuition is paid in late there is an increase in the tuition which is a charge for paying in late this affects most students since some of them are not able to raise all that amount in time leaving them with  no choice but to hold on to their graduation and wait until they get all the money.

According to Isaac Akuguzibwe a graduant says “unserious students and departments who don’t work hand in hand to help one another, unserious students who don’t write their registration numbers clearly making it difficult to identify them. He goes on to say some students have many retakes and yet they don’t follow up the procedures to work on their retakes in time.


However, there is a way forward for how the students can go about;

“Students should always follow up their results get printouts of their marks all through the past semesters, this makes it easier for them to discover the problems earlier and attend to them as fast as possible before its too late”. Says Nicholas Mulundo.

“lectures and students should work hand in hand with the students corporate in terms of ensuring the success of the other by helping students follow up their results and not leaving all the work to the just the students” Isaac Akuguzibwe.

Students should ensure to pay in time and avoid using their tuition for other purposes in order to avoid the late charges or any other conveniences that may affect their end result.

Parents play a role in their children’s education as well therefore they show be able to follow up on their children  performs not just to relax and wait on everything from them they should ensure as well that the tuition given to them is paid in full to avoid late payments or using the money for other purposes.

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