Kemiremebe Ronah’s Victory as Nkumba University Guild President challenged

Kemirembe Ronah, Nkumba University Guild President elect.
Kemirembe Ronah, Nkumba University Guild President elect.

Nkumba university guild president elect, Kemirembe Ronah’s happiness over the victory in the guild race could be short-lived after her next opponent Nabatanzi Moreen ran to courts of law to seek legal redress over the election process that saw her lose the vote organized on Saturday 11th April 2015.

In a petition to the university Vice Chancellor dated 13th April, 2015, Moreen challenges the Electoral commission(EC) for announcing and declaring Kemiremebe Ronah as the Guild president and yet she did not make 50% of the Majority Vote.

It adds that this contradicted that election procedure set out in Article 23(5) of the Guild constitution.

It should however be noted that according to the report from the EC only 870 students voted of which Ronah harvested 275 votes which amounts to 31.61% of the total voter while Moreen was the second runner-up with 204 votes.

The petitioner also asks for a re-run between Ronah and Moreen. She also goes ahead to suspend the swearing ceremony of the winner which was due to take place on 14th April, 2015 be suspended until the petition is fully disposed. It also requires the respondent (EC) pay the costs of the incidental to petition.

Kemirembe Ronah
Kemirembe Ronah

In response to the petition from the Vice Chancellor, the issue was to be handled by the Students’ Affairs committee and the hearing was set for 15th April 2015 at 10:00am in relation to clause 6 of the Article 25. The ruling would be within twenty four hours of receiving of the petition.


Hundreds of students this morning of April 15, 2015 thronged the Language Room to attend the hearing of the petition served by Nabatanzi Moreen to the Nkumba university Students Affairs Committee against the electoral commission for declaring Kemiremeb Ronah as the Guild President 2015/16.

The session began at 10:00pm with Moreen reading her petition to the members as stated above, however in defense to this, the chairman Electoral commission Alex Baguma said that he went head to do the above duty as stipulated in guild constitution Article 8 (5) (b), “A guild presidential candidate who obtains the highest number of votes cast shall be declared a guild president.”

The hearing was adjourned at midday and the ruling on the matter was to be given with in twenty four hours. The committee comprises of the guild president, guild Attorney general, dean of students, vice and deputy vice chancellor, academic registrar among others.

Surprisingly after the hearing was adjourned Moreen said that in case of a re-run she will win highly. “I’m going to get over 70% and am prepared to get a win.” She said. However on the hand the ever smiling Ronah said she was ready to win with 98% and after that she would give Moreen a post in her government. “She is just joking with me but I’m assuring her that she will get only 2% and I will work with whoever is ready to serve students.” Ronah added happily.

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