Kendu hearth conference

The Kendu Hearth Conference
The Kendu Hearth Conference

August 26th -31st 2013: The Kendu Hearth Conference will present a pilot programme of events on the hybrid form in theatre and performance.

This will include selected master classes, conversations, presentations, debates and performances in Kampala-Uganda in different venues.

VENUE    Buzz Bar & Restaurant

DATE        26/08/2013 – 31/08/2013

TIME       9:00 am

During the five days, conversations, master classes, panel discussions and performances will be presented to ensure a theoretical approach as well as practical demonstration of hybrid form of theatre.

While in this space, we shall also reflect and dialogue on what ethos we carry or want to carry into our work from works that are cutting edge, works that push boundaries, and works that are experimental.

The Conference will draw Speakers and Participants from three different Continents: Africa, Europe and North America.

Kendu: hearth in Alur, a Ugandan language from the West Nile region. Hearth: an area near a fireplace; “they sat on the hearth and warmed them- selves before the fire”; this part of a fireplace as a symbol of the home.

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