Kenyan Presidential Debate set

Kenyan Presidential Debate set.
Kenyan Presidential Debate set.

The Kenyan Presidential Debate to be aired to night will be an historical event in Kenyan politics and Africa as a continent.

There are sick candidates in this race that has put other E. African countries on tension because of the out come of the elections following the previous post election violence.

These include: Raila Odinga, The Cord alliance torch-bearer projects himself as the reform candidate, but he has garnered more attention in recent days for his attacks on Uhuru Kenyatta over the sensitive land question.

 Musalla Mudavadi, who wants to be seen as the compromise between the feuding titans Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta whose fierce rivalry, his campaign suggests, is harmful and only leading Kenya towards ethnic hatred.

 Uhuru Kenyatta, he might be hemmed in from all sides if rivals ganged up against him on the International Criminal Court case and the eligibility issue.

Others in the race include: James Kiyipi, Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua, the only lady in the hottest contest.

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