Keto Scholarship 2020

The value we give to health education and the food we consume can be seen in our commitment to provide you with reliable and well-researched information about the ketogenic diet, at shebegan magazine.

As a result, we are offering a Keto $3500 scholarship to students enrolled as undergraduate or graduate programs in nutrition, dietetics, food technology, or food sciences in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa or Asia. Since we believe in giving everyone an equal opportunity and avoid any form of discrimination, our decision for the grant of the scholarship is not based on religion, race, age or special needs.

Below mentioned are the eligibility requirements. Please read them before applying.

Eligibility Requirements for Keto Scholarship

  1. A permanent U.S. resident or citizen.
  2. Students currently studying in undergraduate or graduate programs.
  3. Students majoring in nutrition, dietetics, food technology, or any food science-related courses will be deemed eligible for the scholarship.
  4. Funds provided via scholarship must be consumed only for study purposes such as a project or research focusing on a ketogenic diet.
  5. Applicants need a CGPA of 3.5 or higher.

Application Stage 1 Guidelines

All applicants under the above-stated eligibility criteria are required to submit a stage 1 keto scholarship application form. Please make sure the information you submit must be authentic and verifiable under stage 2 evaluation.

Application Stage 2 Submission Guidelines

What You Need To Send us if you pass our first evaluation:

  1. A video of around 60-90 seconds will be required when submitting the application. It should clearly explain how the grant will assist the applicant with regards to newer research on the ketogenic diet. NIH or university websites can be brought to use for innovative and interesting content. The video can be made through mobile phones but after ensuring the audio quality. It is also recommended that you do not send us any sensitive content such as a passport or ID.
  2. Letter of Acceptance from your university or college.
  3. Your existing cumulative GPA along with the university transcript.

Amount: $3500

Application Deadline: March 30, 2020

Award Date: April 15, 2020

The award of the Keto scholarship will be announced to the successful candidate’s university and successful candidates will receive award letters on their registered postal address and confirmation emails. However, you are not allowed to share any kind of information with any third party and should keep in mind that currently, this is a one-time grant, although we may contemplate continuing it.

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