KIU Develops a Monitoring Tool for COVID-19 Compliance

KIU Develops a Monitoring Tool for COVID-19 Compliance

KIU Develops a Monitoring Tool for COVID-19

The KIU Western Campus COVID-19 taskforce has developed a monitoring tool to ensure that the SOPs put in place to guard against the penetration of the virus into the KIU community are adhered to.

The tool, which was developed as a result of the weekly meetings convened by the taskforce members, is divided into two broad categories – Activities to observe and areas to observe.

The activities being monitored are mainly the SOPs like existence of washing facilities at all times, existence of alcohol-based sanitizer in the handwashing facilities, taking temperatures at all entrances, wearing face masks, social distancing, registration of all people entering the university, existence of information materials, disinfection of the different units among others as well as the observance of all the above.

The above SOPs are then meant to be implemented at every individual unit within the university and the Teaching Hospital.

The tool will be used by the Department of Quality Assurance, headed by Grace Akinyi Odongo, for monitoring purposes whereby monitoring will be done at random hours in the mornings and afternoons.

The development of the tool is meant to ensure strict adherence to the SOPs put in place at the campus to ensure that the loopholes arising out of human laxity are closed.


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