Kampala International University installs Garbage skips in Drive to tackle Climate Change

Deputy Vice Chancellor academic affairs at at KIU, Prof.George William Nasimanya

Kampala international university has installed and fixed garbage skips in its compound, canteens, restaurants to avoid over littering of the compound which instead endangers and spurs worst climatic conditions in the community.

According to the assistant estates manager kiu Mr.James Nwagaba who is in charge environment says they have so far purchased skips worth 6.5million and its really helping the university to keep the compound clean as compared to the past years where they were using metallic containers and a rubbish pit for garbage collection which instead  could leave the compound stinking due to the unproper decomposition of waste materials buy at least with the idea with have bought of buying plastic garbage skips which are so large and the skips are filled up they call the vehicle to come and pick up the garbage through emptying the skips which he says has helped to maintain the university’s hygiene and the on going climate fight he said”.He adds on that all these ideas  they have come up with is all geared to improve climatic conditions in kiu and the entire community.

However the DVC academic academic affairs KIU prof.George William Nasimaanya says Kampala international university is ready to join the rest of the world to fight the climatic change that is why they sacrificed money to purchase these garbage skips which he believes is going to improve the climatic conditions in kiu and the rest of the communities. He further added that they are also focussing  on making their compound more greener as it’s a usual norm of kiu having agreen compound and he says they are coming up with another project of planting more trees around their campus which he says is the best way of tackling climatic change in the community but with this he says they will use their own students who he says should get involved in this activities since they are who should be responsible in improving the climate of the communities and also he says they are ready to pattern with any international organization that can equip their learners with the necessary information about improving the climatic conditions in the community.

According to the oxfam country director Mr.Moses’s Dhombo he lauded kiu for taking such abig step in tackling climate change in the community and engaging their learners too in this move and he promised to work hand in hand with kiu to ensure that their mission succeeds .He further urge the whole country to take climate issue seriously since the country is already loosing vital natural resources due to poor climatic conditions e.g l.bisina and l.wamala are almost drying up in eastern Uganda hr sags.


What some students say about the installed skips at their campus

Ainemanyi Twijukye says they are very happy with what the university has done since they can now dump waste aright place to protect their environment an climate as well.

Samuel Eliebu says this has inspired him to go back and sensitive his locals to dump waste in aright plplace in order to protect the climate of this country.

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