KIU Ramps up Ebola Prevention Measures

KIU Ramps up Ebola Prevention Measures

Kampala International University (KIU) Western Campus has taken initiatives in outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics. The University has introduced a raft of measures to prevent the possible outbreak of the Ebola virus on campus.

This was communicated in a 28th September notice to all members of staff, students, and the general public.

“This is to notify all staff, students, and the general public that because of the current Ebola outbreak in the country, every person willing to gain access to KIU Teaching Hospital and campus premises must wash their hands and sanitize at the gate before gaining access,” reads the notice in part.

“Hand washing facilities have already been set up at all the respective entrances of the university,” it adds.

On September 20, the Ministry of Health declared an outbreak of Ebola, caused by the Sudan virus, following laboratory confirmation of a patient from Madudu sub-county in Mubende district.

KIU Western Campus has a track record of successfully combating the spread of Ebola disease.

In 2019, after the virus broke out in the Democratic Republic of Congo, KIU Teaching Hospital set up an Ebola emergency center and emergency response team to cater for any prospective patients.

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