Kyagulanyi collects and submits signatures for his Presidential nomination

Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine, the National Unity Platform/People Power president has secured new signatures for his presidential nomination. Yesterday, Kyagulanyi announced that he has managed to collect 33,000 signatures and has submitted them to the Electoral Commission to meet the deadline since presidential candidates will be nominated on November 2, 2020 according to the Electoral commission.

This follows a Police raid at NUP headquarters in Kamwokya last week, where Kyagulanyi claimed that police seized several of his presidential nomination forms which included at signatures that were endorsing his presidential bid.

He also reported after the raid that security had also confiscated among other campaign material red berets, the party’s most recognized symbol and arrested their supporters who were selling NUP branded materials in Kampala.

However, Uganda Police Force Spokesperson, Fred Enanga told press that the raid was aimed at targeting all locations which were illegally manufacturing, supplying, distributing, selling and using uniforms and accoutrements whose ownership and patented designs was gazetted and an exclusive preserve of the armed forces.

“The raid basically was on the illegal use of uniforms and accoutrements of the armed forces by the civilians and this is a serious concern which was brought to attention of the joint leadership of the armed forces after witnessing an increase in the number of civilians illegally wearing uniforms and accoutrements that are an exclusive preserve of the armed forces”. Enanga said.

As a party taking part in the coming 2021 presidential race with Bobi wine as its candidate, they embarked on collecting new signatures from their supporters which was successful.

NUP party spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi told the press that files containing over 7 million signatures meant to nominate their party president Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu were taken during the raid however, they had activated their mobilizers country wide to start collecting new signatures as they demand for the reason behind confiscating their files.

Kyagulanyi in a tweet has verified that they managed to collect 33,000 signatures from their supporters and successfully submitted them to the Electoral commission before the deadline which was on Saturday, 17th October.

“THANK YOU all Ugandans who responded to our call for fresh signatures after the military & police raided our office & took the millions of signatures we had collected for 2 months. Yesterday, we submitted 33,000 signatures from 109 districts most of which were collected in 2 days,” Kyagulanyi announced.

In Uganda, a presidential candidate requires at least 9800 signatures from 98 districts in order to compete for Presidency. This is according to the Presidential Elections Act 2005.

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