Kylie confirms there is no rivalry between her and Kim

Kylie confirms there is no rivalry between her and Kim

Kimberly Kardashian, 39 and Kylie Jenner, 23 are siblings who both deal in cosmetics and for some time there has been a rumour that they are not in good terms business wise.

However, Kylie has come out to disregard the rumour when she admitted that although her and her sister are in seperate cosmetics businesses, they still come together whenever any of them needs advice.

Kylie praised her older sister Kimberly and her cosmetics company, KKW Beauty.

She said they help each other when it comes to their businesses hence doing away with the speculation that there may be a rivalry going on between the two sisters.

The Kylie Cosmetics creator spoke highly of Kimberly saying all her brands are amazing and said Kim uses her brands and she uses hers too but how they create their makeup and how they run their businesses is very separate and then they come together if they need advice.

More to that, they both hinted that things between them were just fine when they collaborated on a KKW fragrance this year.

“There’s nothing better than working with your family,” Kylie said about the experience. “We all understand that we’re more powerful together, when we’re a team.”


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