Kylie shows off her glam room

Kylie shows off her glam room

Kylie Jenner took fans on a journey inside her incredible ‘glam room,’ filled to the brim with Kylie Cosmetics and her best magazine covers.

Within her $36.5 million mansion lies Kylie’s luxurious “glam room,” she revealed on Instagram, giving her fans a look into where the magic happens and gets glammed up before nights on the town however she noted that it is still work in progress.

First up is her makeup closet, which features shelves upon shelves of Kylie Cosmetics products. There’s rows of lip kits in dozens of colors, makeup pallets, glosses, liners, and samples from her line with sister Kendall Jenner. The impeccable organizing isn’t her doing, she admitted.

In the Instagram Story, she says “My love, Mary, comes through and makes everything look like a store for me. So organized. This was not me, I cannot take credit for this.”

She’s referring to Mary Astadourian from A Detailed Life, who reposted Kylie’s closet to her own page with a sweet message: “Thank you, @kyliejenner, for your kind words! Organizing for you is always a dream.”

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