Late Akena’s family forgives Kanyamunyu

The family of the Late Kenneth Akena a children’s rights activist has finally forgiven Mathew kanyamunyu who shoot him in 2016.

Elders from the two families met for two days led by the mato-Oput, an Acholi religious leader to reconcile and end the bitterness within them.

After Akena’s death, Kanyamunyu was arrested in 2016 for allegedly killing the deceased at a shopping mall parking in Lugogo, Kampala. Its said that after scratching Kanyamunyu’s car, Akena went to apologise only to be shoot by the latter.

Akena died from Norvic hospital where he was rushed for treatment by Kanyamunyu ,his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari and Joseph Kanyamunyu.  These have  pleaded not guilty since 2016.

However Kanyamunyu went to Akena’s home last week and confessed to have shoot the deceased. The Elders charges him 10 cows and three goats as per Acholi traditional justice process.

A ritual to is be carried out to restore peace in the two families.

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