Logistic Coordinator job at Epicentre International

Job Title:  Logistic Coordinator

Epicentre is a non-profit organization, created in 1987 by Médecins Sans Frontières, whose activities include research, field epidemiology and training, which groups health professionals specialised in public health and epidemiology. In 1996, Epicentre became a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Response to Emerging Diseases. Epicentre follows its activities from its headquarters in Paris and from its offices in Geneva, Brussels, Barcelona, New-York and research centres in Uganda and Niger.

Job Summary: The Logistic Coordinator offers timely quality logistical support to the structure and to the studies by ensuring that his department delivers technical support and necessary resources. The incumbent will also be responsible for all logistical activities at Epicentre and supervises the logistics team, ensuring that prevailing policies are applied and that the most appropriate techniques, tools and equipment are used.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Coordination:
  2. Team/HR management:
  3. Supply:  
  4. Cold chain Management:
  5. Asset management and Stock Control:
  6. Finance:
  7. Transportation and Energy:
  8. Properties, construction and WatSan:
  9. Security:
  10. Research and Quality Management:
  • Develop and implement the logistic action plan in accordance with the Epicentre strategic plan.
  • Implement at logistic level all decisions of coordination team.
  • Report timely to the Director and the coordination team all major challenges or opportunities faced by Epicentre.
  • Ensure good cooperation with all departments (through meeting with other departments).
  • Actively contribute to the monthly “SiteRep” with logistical activities during the month.
  • Write visit reports (field or Kampala visits).
  • Complete indicators to monitor the quality of logistical activities.
  • Provide competent staff to perform logistical activities adapted to the studies and the structure.
  • Provide all tools (policy) and means to the logistic staff to perform their job.
  • Write and update job description.
  • Explain division of tasks including backup in case of absence.
  • Evaluate results of logistic team and adapt skills and competence through regular evaluation.
  • Plan appropriate training program for capacity-building of logistic team.
  • Work in liaison with HR coordinator on human resources matters.
  • -Provide systems and procedures that supplies goods and services (medical and non-medical) appropriate to the activities of Epicentre.
  • Work in liaison with the Medical and Study Coordinator and the Pharmacist on medical supply.
  • Ensure accurate and up-to-date information on stocks – including expiry dates, pipeline and lead times.
  • Oversee and follows up all orders (medical and logistical) and freights.
  • Ensure there are appropriate tools and procedures to facilitate smooth supply management.
  • Works closely with the Supply Unit of Kampala (Suka, MSF Swiss) for all activities as outlined in the Service Level Agreement with them – including Kampala purchases, international importation and exportation.
  • Write, updates and ensure compliance with up to date supply guidelines.
  • Constantly update and explain to the relevant person at Epicentre (and Suka) about status of the orders (e.g. using a tool such as the Order Overview).
  • Make (with the supply team) frequent supplier assessments of local (Mbarara) suppliers.
  • Encourage a good working relationships with collaborating partners such as Suka, the MSF Swiss workshop, MSF France in Uganda, suppliers, government authorities etc.
  • Ensure that refrigeration and mobile equipment is adequate and operational for a good cold chain management.
  • Actively participate in the cold chain shipment policy of samples/reagents by linking with appropriate partners, following-up the-said shipment
  • Actively contribute in defining a cold chain management policy by considering the different cold chain technique management and participating in the process of back-up system.
  • Make sure that there are up-to-date and accurate inventories of assets (in all locations) and stock (in the warehouse).
  • Ensure all equipment are in good working condition and well maintained ( in close collaboration with the Logistic Advisor in Epicentre Paris and the biomedical team in Bordeaux).
  • Ensure a proper management of stock including a minimum stock serving as buffer.
  • Work closely with Medical and Study Coordinator to validate and maintain an appropriate Emergency stock and set up Hospital Isolation Unit in emergency cases
  • Ensure warehouse procedures are followed to MSF standard – distribution, reception, delivery, storage, etc.
  • Establish a logistics budget and carries out budgetary revisions in accordance with the work in progress and planned future activities.
  • Work in liaison with administrative managers and Finances Coordinator, follow expenses per budget line.
  • Prepare monthly cash requests for the logistics department.
  • Be responsible for quality supply in energy and water for all facilities.
  • Provide appropriate and timely transportation for goods and persons for all activities.
  • Ensure Transport Policy and other standard practices (e.g. servicing) are followed.
  • Ensure that car maintenance and repair are fully performed in close collaboration with MSF Swiss workshop services and the Transport Supervisor.
  • —Ensure the car fuel consumption correspond to the activities through monthly assessment of activities and consumption.
  • Ensure the Transport Supervisor follows up the servicing and maintenance of generators
  • Be responsible of all the Epicentre properties building maintenance and general services.
  • Be responsible for all adaptation of facilities to the needs of the studies, including extra facilities outside the existing ones.
  • Be responsible for the whole waste management system.
  • Ensure that the residential properties have a standard of comfort and have functional amenities and utilities.
  • Keep house Rules up-to-date.
  • Monitor and approve service contracts and work orders.
  • Implement and control application of all security decisions taken by the Director.
  • Update the security guideline when needed and ensures compliance.
  • Stay aware of all security issues happening within the District and on the national road to Kampala – also National Parks when visitors go there.
  • Ensure that visitors and incoming expatriate staff are fully aware and understand security guideline
  • Collect information coming from national staff and establishes a security network including all MSF sections and other authorities (local, embassies, etc.)
  • Ensure that security-related resources (vehicles, communication means, etc.) are available and in good operational condition.
  • Make sure that teams are familiar with the use these resources.
  • Actively participate in the study planning and preparation.
  • Participate in the Research centre accreditation process (GCP/GCLP).
  • Write/update standard operating procedures for the key logistic activities .
  • Follow-up the quality management requirements in close collaboration with Quality management team.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 

  • The applicant should have substantial previous coordination and field experience either with MSF or another recognized NGO
  • Detailed knowledge of medical research
  • Significant experience of cross cultural environment
  • Past exposure and experience with developing and monitoring budgets
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills – and ability to pass on information
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills
  • Professionalism, Diplomacy, patience, an ability to cope with pressure
  • Strong security experience is needed
  • Demonstrable experience in supervising, managing and training others (people management).
  • Prior experience in Electricity/Energy is an added advantage
  • Possess a Valid driver’s license is desired
  • Past experience in water and sanitation, cold chain is also desired
  • Fluent in English (written and oral)

How to Apply for the job: 

All candidates should send their applications online at the web link below and completing the available form.

Click Here

For complementary information about this position please contact:  Nathalie Guérineau : nathalie.guerineau@epicentre.msf.org

Deadline: 16th November 2014

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