Makerere University Freshers can’t Wait to be Part of the Ivory Tower

Makerere University
Freshers standing at the Senate building: COURTESY PHOTO

BY: Esther Tasobya

As the days draw nearer to the opening of the new Academic year at Makerere University, first year students cannot help but hide their excitement and anxiety to join one of the biggest public Universities in Uganda. Walking timidly inside the university premises, some Freshers are spotted searching frantically for their Colleges, Departments, Schools, lecture rooms, OGs and OBs, buildings, banks, name it!

The fresh year which is set to open in mid-August 2019, has further increased the activities happening in the university. Some of the places buzzing with activity are the Senate Building where most of the Freshers are familiar with by now, brokers of the various hostels of Kikoni, Wandegeya and Kikumi kikumi who position themselves on the roadside and issue out hostel flyers to whoever looks like a first year student, the various printing places inside the university, among others.

Makerere University
Freshers in an interaction: COURTESY PHOTO

One cannot help but notice that the Senate Building at Makerere University became a meeting point for most of these Freshers. They either stand in small groups, pairs or solo, on the Senate balcony, concentrating on their phones, staring at each other, making small chit chat and gossip with their friends and generally looking lost. A few bold ones are seen asking for directions from total strangers. In return, most of these students fall prey to con men who are also roaming around the university.

It is okay to be excited and anxious but over excitement can land you into unexpected problems as a result of rush decisions and blind trust.  First year students are therefore urged to be courteous and alert at all times inside the university premises. They shouldn’t trust strangers blindly and should always keep an eye on their property at all times. We wish them a great stay at Makerere University. Remember, you made a right choice!






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