Makerere University Guild campaigns: Bala David bounces back in the race

Makerere University Guild campaigns: Bala David bounces back in the race
Embattled David Bala is back in the guild race.
Embattled David Bala is back in the guild race.

Bala David’s supporters are filled with joy after Makerere University administration finally allowed him to campaign for the post of Guild president. Bala had been eliminated from the 2015 Guild Race on claims of having a retake and being a third year student.

He thus decided to challenge the University’s decision in high Court and the jury ruled that Bala be given a fair hearing by the University administration.

Reading the University ruling was Ssembogga Roy, the Electoral Commission chairman.

The Senate academic policies and appeals committee reviewed that Bala David had been on normal progress.

The Electoral commission,  in order to give Bala enough campaigning time shifted the elections to Thursday 19th March 2015.

Bala thanked his supporters for believing in him.  He remarked,  ‘When you see an antelopes skeleton,  you know the Tiger has been here.’

Like Bala,  Latimo Kayondo,  another Guild aspirant who had been eliminated from the guild race,  challenged the University in the courts of law leading to his reinstating and extension of the guild elections from 13th March to 16th March.

Bala believes he will be the next Makerere University Guild President.

The case
After being eliminated from the guild race mainly because of academic issues.  Bala challenged the Electoral commission and University administration in court saying he had been denied tests and coursework in the paper he had a retake.  He argued that had the University obeyed the court order that reinstated him after his suspension,  he would have sat for both tests,  course work and  examinations to have the pass mark(Bala scores 47% only in the exam).

Who is Bala David Bwiruka

  • Bala David is a second year social science student.
  • He was admitted at Makerere university in 2012/2013 academic year
  • Bala was suspended from the University in 2013 for participating in the 60%policy  strike,  he was on  his first year then.
  • Challenged the University in the courts of law and was reinstated back to first year (his fellow were in second year then).
  • He was nominated for Guild President only to be kicked out of the race by the Electoral commission on academic grounds.
  • Sued the University and the University Electoral commission and won the case in high Court.
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