Makerere University-NRM Guild candidate arrested

Mabazi Junior, NRM Guild Candidate in Makerere race
Mabazi Boniface Junior (L), embattled NRM Guild Candidate in Makerere university race

Mbabazi Boniface Junior arrested and fired from the race, the embattled NRM flag bearer in the 2014 Makerere university Guild elections was arrested and detained for alleged forgery of academic papers.

Mbabazi was arrested by ASP Jackson Mucunguzi, the O/C Makerere University Police Station.

“We have arrested him to aid the investigations into a case where he is suspected to have forged academic papers from Nasser Road,” Mucunguzi said.

He was picked from a crisis NRM delegates meeting at Guest House gardens.

Mr. Blaize Kamugisha the NRM-Makerere University chapter Chairman revealed that party big shots had advised that Mbabazi’s case be treated with keen interest.

“This behavior is a serious humiliation and cannot go unpunished,” he said adding that “we have got to expose him ourselves before anyone else does.”

He also added that Mbabazi would face a disciplinary committee that would later determine the fate of his membership and affiliation to the Makerere chapter.

Sources revealed that Mbabazi has six retakes. Although Mbabazi who looks so apologetic says that his retakes are not six, but “only three”.

“I’m sorry to the party whose chance to win the Guild election had severely come to an end”, Mbabazi humbly said.

Adding that “I regret that my behavior has cost not only my personality but also the image of the party,” i said.

How it all started
On Wednesday 26th February 2014, the Forum for Democratic Change at Makerere held a hotly contested election that was won by Andrew Mujinya, a second year student of Information and Communication Technology with 36 votes, beating his closes rival Lillian Aber from the School of Languages,Literature and Communication by only five votes.

Both Mujinya and Aber are members of the outgoing Adeke-led guild regime. Mujinya served as Academic Affairs minister while the later was Minister for information. The two had strategically used their offices to prepare for the students’ top job.

After the primary, Aber painfully accepted the defeat but that was not all. She allegedly hired the assistance of their former Vice President one Jeremaya Keeya Mwanje to dig holes in Mujinya’s academic credentials.

Skillfully employing his wits, it is said that Keeya found Mujinya to be having missing marks in one of his course units. News then went viral that the FDC flag bearer did not have the academic requirement of normal progress as established under Article 9 of the Guild Constitution, a case that caused panic in all political camps vying for the 2014/2015 presidency.

With Aber now potentially assuming the FDC flag, a petition from Mujinya’s camp to the EC requiring a public display of academic documents of all candidates set in.

It is from this point that the EC was put at tenterhooks to scrutinize all the documents with the assistance of the Academic Registrar.

Four candidates including Mbabazi Boniface Junior were on 3rd March 2014 thrown out of the 2014 guild election race for lack of academic qualification.

Others include; Emmanuel Wanyama and Faisal Muyiga both from the School of Adult and Community Education, and Emmanuel Murungi from the School of Languages,Literature and Communication.


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