Makerere university ranked best on the list of top 10 Universities in Africa

Makerere university main campus.
Makerere university main campus.

Makerere university has been ranked the best university in Africa according to a list of the Top 10 Universities in Africa –
2015 Edition published by

In the second position is the University of Ghana, the oldest and largest public university in Ghana.

The University of Nairobi (Kenya) is third while the University of Ibadan (Nigeria) is ranked fourth best university in Africa.

Before topping the list of the top ten universities in Africa, Makerere university was 4th on the previous list.

Others on the list of top ten universities in Africa include;


First, as with any similar list that determines which universities are “best,” collected both quantitative and qualitative data to determine which universities in Africa would make our Top 10 List.

Second, a determination to create two distinct lists: a) Africa, excluding South Africa, and b) South Africa. The rankings exclude universities from South Africa. acknowledged the strength of South Africa’s many world-class universities, and decided to dedicate a list that features just South African institutions.

Third, the criteria included the following: 1) undergraduate and graduate school reputation among higher education peers; 2) student selectivity for entering undergraduate class; 3) quality and quantity of faculty research, including depth of research facilities and engagement beyond immediate community, and 4) international student ratio—the degree to which institution draws students from outside of its national boundaries.

Fourth, in addition to collecting quantitative data on the criteria above, an extensive network on the continent for qualitative input as a “reality check” to the results that our data yielded. These “reality checks” resulted in some small, but important adjustments to the list.


Makerere University was founded in 1922, and later became an independent national university in 1970. Makerere University is the largest and oldest public university in Uganda.

The university developed a focused research agenda in line with the national government’s policy objectives, and seeks to support those programs with a multidisciplinary approach ranging from natural sciences to economics and education.

Spread across three campuses, Makerere University has a population of over 40,000, with more than five percent of the student body made up of international students.

Makerere University offers 145 undergraduate courses, over 140 Postgraduate courses, and 135 Masters Degree courses.

Home to a top medical school, Makerere university also partners with the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine to host a medical exchange program in which students complete rotations in the fields of cardiology, family planning, pediatrics, infectious disease, and trauma (emergency medicine), among many others.

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