Makerere University Strike Ascribed to Students Political Mission

By Nelson Bahati October, 25th 2019

Makerere University communications manager Dr. Mohammed Kigundu Musoke on 25th October 2019 attributed the strike at Makerere university to a political mission for students.

Dr. Muhammad Kigundu Musoke the director communications Makerere University

In an interview with Kigundu, he said that Makerere University students are having their own political issues there pushing through the means of strikes to attract public attention.

Nonetheless, students have continued to demand for the withdraw of the 15% tuition policy which they claim to have affected many students at the Ivory tower. Since Monday this week, Makerere students started a tuition policy strike which has caused fracas allover the University premises and these promise not to tire until the University administration has come out with a new tuition policy that shall favor students.

As the strike makes it to the fifth day, over 46 students have been arrested and kept in the police custody. Those who were suspected to have led the strike have been suspended and according to the public relations officer Miss Rita Namisango the two suspended students Ms Saasiraabo Siperia and Frank Bwambale shall face the University disciplinary committee.

Students have argued that, for a long time Makerere University has not solved their problems until they go on streets. We have interviewed students on what alternatives do they think can work best other than strikes and there views are not far from the normal methods.

Watch students views in a video below.

Although the strike has attracted public attention, the University has continued to deny the students arguments terming them as baseless and false news which is meant to push the students agenda and spoil the University image. The University administration has promised to stick on their stand about the 15% tuition policy.

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