Makerere University together with Uganda Police Unveils digital application Monitor Road Accidents

As Uganda embraces digital transformation, Makerere students together with Uganda police have developed a smart application to monitor accidents in the different regions of the country.

The project was spearhead by student from the department of public health and funded by Uganda police.  The app is called the digital flash system.

The application will enable traffic officers identify accident scenes on different roads, victims involved  dead or alive and the cars with their registration numbers.

Traffic Police Officer along the roadside. Courtesy Photo

All the traffic police officers in Uganda will be trained on how to use the application and they will be required to have smartphones where the application will be installed

An accident and emergency surgeon Dr. Olive Kobusingye,said that the application will provide more accurate information than the current system  that had many challenges along with loopholes.

She also added that the app will enable better planning for the victims that will be involved in the accidents.

This system has been currently deployed  in some parts of the country such as Mbale, Sironko and Kampala.

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