Mc Kats At War With The Mother-In-Law

NBS After 5 presenter Edwin Katamba a.k.a MC Kats seems to have been going through a silent family battle for a while.

According to fresh reports, the celebrated emcee is at loggerheads with his mother-in-law for denying him custody of one of his children.

A video shared on social media, the likes of YouTube shows how Kats is exchanging  words with an unidentified lady believed to be Fille’s mother.

“Give me my child. It’s not your child. I used to fear and respect you but I don’t anymore. Give me my child and you’ll see if I will ever cross your path again. You haven’t helped me at all in the last twelve years. I hate you, give me my child,” Kats says in the video.

Kats has also gone on her knees and vows to drag her to the courts of law if she does not let him have custody of his child.

“I’m even on my knees asking for my child but if I dare leave this ground, I am going to let the law take its course,” he loudly says.

Not even his threats seem to frighten the bitter lady who asks him to go ahead and drag her to court over the issue.

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