Meet the most famous student at Uganda Christian University

Meet the most famous student at Uganda Christian University
Benezeri Wanjala Chibita (champion).
Benezeri Wanjala Chibita (champion).

The Mukono based university is not an alien to the concept of celebrities and fame, among “Christians” there are those who are more known, loved, admired and cherished than others. The people who appear here are well known and some highly respected with in campus for their achievements.

Well the most famous students around Uganda Christian University (UCU) are those that are either sportsmen, politicians, law students or musicians.

  1. Benezeri Wanjala Chibita (champion).

If you have attended UCU’s baddest events like law funny night and the grand Azania, you know this down to earth guy who moves along side Ruyonga.

His first show at MTN arena dubbed the champion was a blast. He performed alongside Maurice kirya, Ruyonga Navio, da myth and many others.

Despite of his fame, Benezeri is a down to earth fellow and very social. He does not care ordering for a rolex if he wants it.

I can’t fail to talk about his Dad;  Justice Chibita (director of public prosecution) and the mum who is the Dean of mass communication department at  UCU.

The rapper cribs in Nsibambi (university hall). This shows  Benezeri Wanjala Chibita is also committed to books. Babes feel this guy.

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Reported by Prof Duck

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