Mental Health Conditions on the Raise among Mothers – WHO

Mental Health Conditions  on the Raise  among Mothers – WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that almost one in five women will experience a mental health condition during pregnancy or in the year after birth.

It adds that among women with perinatal mental health conditions – just before and shortly after giving birth, around 20 percent will experience suicidal thoughts or undertake acts of self-harm.

This revelation is contained in its new recommendations for health authorities worldwide, to help improve women’s lives launched yesterday.

According to the WHO, life-altering moments like pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood can be stressful for women and their partners.

Ignoring mental fitness not only risks women’s overall health and well-being but also impacts infants’ physical and emotional development.

The UN health agency’s new guide for integration of perinatal mental health in maternal and child health services upholds that good mental health can improve health outcomes and the quality of maternal and child health services for all women.

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