MUBS Principal Prof. Balunywa urges Freshers to avoid activities that will expose them to HIV/AIDs

The new Principal of  Makerere University Business SchoolWasswa Balunywa, has urged new students to avoid all actions that will make them victims to the deadly disease, HIV/AIDS that have become pests to the youth in Uganda  especially university students.
Balunywa passed this word of caution today while addressing ‘freshers’ at the University’s Orientation program.
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Makerere University Business School Principal, Wasswa Balunywa

He further noted that MUBS has nurtured and still nurtures many of the prominent people and therefore advised students to be ambassadors to the institute.

“You are lucky to be among the chosen few to join such an institute. Please use this opportunity to the fullest. You’ve not come here to pass exams but rather get a qualification that will enable you to live a better life. We hope that you will raise our pride after you graduate and go out in the world” he said.(Campus Bee)

Students were also warned against engaging in activities that will negatively affect their academic life for example doing drugs and smoking harmful substance so as to reach graduation.

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MUBS students in an Orientation: Internet Photo
The Deputy Principal Prof. Moses Muhwezi commended students to maximize University resources to better their academic performance.
” Value group discussions, regular class attendance and social networking and ensure to fully maximize your time here and leave Makerere University Business School with a legacy worth reckoning,” he advised
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